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Art markets at Blue House Yard in 2021...

Following a brilliant series of five art markets in 2020 (from August to December) that were quickly fully booked, it's clear there is an appetite for more markets in 2021.

The Blue House Yard Art Market (#bhyartmarket on social media) is a once monthly outdoor art market run by artist (and Blue House Yard studio occupant) Edward Quigley. The market will give priority to local artists, providing a brilliant new platform to grow their business to North London clientele. All markets will run on Sundays, and be open to the public from 12pm to 5pm.


A pitch fee of £45 is payable, with discounts offered for applications for multiple market dates, and this will cover your pitch, the provision of a 6ft table per trader, provision of shared gazebos, the set-up and set-down of the market on the day, materials required for safe operation of each market, a comprehensive marketing campaign to promote the market AND where possible, accompanying entertainment - live music etc.

An FAQ/useful information section can be found below the application form, which will hopefully answer any questions you have but of course, if there's something that isn't covered then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

BHY art market application form

Pitch discounts (subject to application acceptance):

  • One date - no discount (£45)

  • Two dates - 5% discount (£85.50 instead of £90)

  • Three dates - 10% (£121.50 instead of £135)

  • Four dates - 15% (£153 instead of £180)

  • Five dates - 20% (£180 instead of £225)

  • December pitch fees (£50) reflect increased costs incurred in providing entertainment, food and seasonal lighting

Please note: pitch bookings beyond July 2021 will be subject to negotiations between Meanwhile Space CIC and Haringey Council in relation to a renewal of the lease at Blue House Yard. Artists will be able to book these dates in advance, but no fees will be charged to artists for these dates until such time as the lease renewal is confirmed.

NEW AVAILABILITY (pitch availability correct as of 28/4/2021)

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon

FAQ/useful information...

  • Why has the standard pitch cost risen from £40 to £45?

The nominal increase in pitch fee for each market is to account for costs that weren't originally factored in the planning for these markets, such as materials to ensure covid19 compliance. The increase will also allow for entertainment to accompany the art market (where possible), ensuring that musical artists are paid for their time.

  • Why has the pitch cost risen to £50 for December dates?

Similar to above, the increase in cost allows for these markets to be better promoted and for the provision of food traders and live entertainment, which often costs more during the festive period. Despite the increase, the pitch fee for attendance at December markets at Blue House Yard still compares very favourably to the costs of involvement at other markets.

  • How successful are the markets for artists?

In a survey of participating artists in the 2020 initial markets, the following responses were submitted:

  • 97% of artists covered their pitch fee of £40 on market days they participated

  • 88.9% of artists covered ALL costs associated with participation

  • 89% confirmed they would return to future markets and 100% said they would recommend to fellow artists

  • Quotes:

    • “I love it, such a great vibe there!”

    • “My favourite little colourful, arty corner of Wood Green! Love the vibe, love all the independent businesses!”

    • “Very good vibe, well set up and organised, really reasonable pitch fee to help artists make it worthwhile, great support and help with pre market preparation”

    • “Very well organised art market set in a lovely yard of independent shops”

  • Who is organising these markets?

The markets are being organised by Edward Quigley (owner of this website), an artist that has a studio based at Blue House Yard (BHY), which is managed by Meanwhile Space CIC. Edward has developed the proposals for the markets with the landlord (Meanwhile Space). In addition to organising the markets (including promotion, set-up and set-down), Edward will be participating as a trader at each market.

  • What is Blue House Yard

Blue House Yard is a redevelopment and re-imagining of an empty and underused site at 5 River Park Road, London N22 7TB, a few moments from Wood Green station. High Street Works (part of Meanwhile Space CIC), in partnership with London Borough of Haringey, have transformed the site into a place for local creatives, entrepreneurs and residents for the meanwhile use period that is set to run to September 2021.​

The redevelopment has created both private space for rent and a new public space for meeting friends, discovering events and interacting with local designer makers. It is within this new public space that the Blue House Yard Art Market will be held.


Permitted art:

​Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and 2D / 3D art - or anything else not listed below

Art that is not permitted:

​Candle art, modern calligraphy and florals, jewellery - this is because we already have these items being sold by our permanent Yard businesses. Craft / makers - a separate craft market is being discussed, please contact Ed to register your interest.

  • What does the pitch fee cover?

The £45 standard pitch fee covers: marketing and promotion campaigns (see below), provision of 6ft market tables placed under shared (weighted) gazebos, associated materials (tape, signage etc) the costs of set-up and set-down on market days - this requires at least four people - and the provision (where possible) of live entertainment to accompany the market. You will simply need to attend, set up your table and commence trading.

  • When do I need to pay for the pitch?

To aid the organiser in delivering the marketing and promotion, we would ask that payment is made ASAP upon receipt of an invoice. Without exception, payment for each market date must be received in full on/before the deadline listed in the application form above. This is to ensure that the organiser has sufficient time to promote the markets and participating artists, as well as to go to a backup list of traders to ensure we have a full market.

  • Do I need insurance?

Whilst the organiser has PLI insurance for his own trading and the landlord has PLI for use of the Yard at BHY (a copy can be provided if required), traders are strongly to advised to make their own arrangements in relation to public liability insurance, in the event that there is a claim arising from attendance at any of the markets. Neither Edward Quigley nor Meanwhile Space will take responsibility for any claims against individual traders participating in the market/s.

  • How many artists will be attending each market?

12 artists will be arranged in the middle of the yard, allowing members of the public to walk around a central market 'hub'. All traders will be placed under shared gazebos and pitches will be defined by the provision of 6ft tables and tape markings on the ground. Tape/paint will also be used to direct members of the public around the market in a clockwise direction - the support and assistance of all participating artists in ensuring this is adhered to will be greatly appreciated.

  • Will there be any other outdoor traders, other than artists, attending the market?

Live entertainment at markets in October and December proved popular with artists and visitors, and was an important part of bringing people into the market. The provision of live entertainment will continue in 2021, where possible. In December markets, food traders may compliment the art market but these will be located separately, on site.


In addition, the independent retailers at BHY will likely be open and trading, and traders will be able to get refreshments and food from The Bus from 11am. A list of Blue House Yard businesses can be found on the BHY website.

  • Promotion and marketing will include (but not be limited to)

    • ​An ongoing campaign to promote market dates (and participating artists at each market) across the BHY social media​ platforms (a combined total of 5,000+ followers across Twitter Instagram), which will be intensified in the run up to each market

    • Similar campaign across Twitter and Instagram by the organiser, to a combined total of over 2,300 followers across art and personal accounts

    • Advertising of market dates on the BHY website and organisers own website

    • Support from Haringey Council social media channels

    • Leaflet drops (5,000+ leaflets over the period of art markets) to residential areas in/around Wood Green

    • Press release to local newspapers

Participating artists are encouraged to follow @bluehouseyard on Twitter and Instagram, and to use the #BHYartmarket tag for all posts relating to your attendance at the markets. Active social media promotion from participating artists as well as the BHY social media channels will help drive more and more people to the market/s.

  • What is the application process?

Upon completion and submission of the application form, your application will be reviewed against the guidelines below. Once an artist has had their application approved, they will be issued an invoice confirming the dates they are invited to attend. Once pitch fees are received in full, their pitch will be guaranteed and until fees are paid in full following submission of an application form, the pitch is not secured.

  • What selection criteria do you use when choosing artists?

  1. Selection of participating artists will be based upon information provided in completed application forms and examples of work submitted

  2. Preference will be given to artists based in Wood Green > Haringey > North London, but the organiser reserves the right to award pitches to artists from other locations

  3. Preference will also be given to artists that have a website and actively use social media - as this will help to ensure the market is successful for all

  4. Selection will factor the artwork, price point and willingness / capacity of artists to promote the market and fee payment by deadline provided

  5. The selection process is an equal opportunities process and is not influenced by gender, race, religion, belief, disability or age

  6. The market organiser, with support from tenants at Blue House Yard, will select participating artists for each market



  • What do I need to bring?

Your artwork (!), your fully charged payment system (very important, obviously!), any battery operated lighting you wish to use, table cover/s, any signage you wish to display, tape/scissors are likely to be useful and string is ALWASY useful, bin liners/rubbish bags for your waste AND antibacterial hand-sanitiser on your stall will provide reassurance to members of the public (see covid19 preparation point below).

The only other thing we would ask you to bring is your smile and a flexible approach - the many previous markets at Blue House Yard have gone well (and been great fun), but as many of you will likely be aware; unexpected challenges can often pop-up at events and these will be quickly and easily overcome when everyone adopts a positive, solution focused approach.

  • What about covid19 preparations?

The organiser has liaised with Haringey's licensing officers in connection with the guidance they give to market traders in haringey. Thankfully, outdoor events such as markets provide far fewer obstacles in terms of covid19, but the organiser and participating artists will be expected to adhere to the following guidance:

  1. Social distancing will be in place. This will be facilitated by tape markings on the ground, marketing out 1m+ dividers between members of the public to the front of artists stalls. Please work with the public to ensure this is observed

  2. A one-way system will be in place around the market, marked out by tape on the ground. Please work with the public to ensure this is observed

  3. Artists will naturally be a minimum of 1m from each other and mostly 2m away. Please work with each other to maintain physical distancing as much as is practicable

  4. Hand sanitiser should be available on every stall - don't be *that* trader that doesn't have sanitiser! It will increase the protection for you as well as members of the public

  5. Encourage members of the public to avoid handling artwork as much as is possible

  6. Similarly, make use of contactless payment methods rather than cash, as much as is possible

  7. Gloves - participating traders are strongly encouraged to bring latex gloves and use these whilst trading

  8. Face masks - at the time of writing the Government has confirmed that it will make the wearing of face masks by members of the public mandatory in shops from 24 July, whereas shop floor staff are not mandated to wear face masks. As an outdoor market, this guidance will not apply to the Blue House Yard Art Market. The market organiser and Meanwhile Space feel that it should be the decision of each trader as to whether they wear a face mask

  9. Changes to Government guidance on operation of outdoor markets - the organiser and Meanwhile Space CIC will continue to closely monitor Government guidance on outdoor events and markets and ensure operation of the BHY art market is in compliance with guidance at the time

  • Filming and photography at Blue House Yard

The organiser and landlord (Meanwhile Space) reserve the right to take photographs and capture video of the market during operation, for promotional purposes, and this includes the potential use of drone videography. If you do not wish to be captured in any photography or filming, please notify the organiser in advance of your attendance. Similarly, if you would like copies of photographs or video, please get in touch.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

The upfront payment of pitch fees covers the extensive work involved in promoting the markets, as well as set-up/set-down and the provision of tables/gazebos (the costs of which are incurred ahead of market dates). As a result, pitch fees act as a deposit and are non-refundable, except in the event the organiser has to cancel the market for severe weather or any other reason/s. In the unlikely event the organiser has to cancel the market for whatever reason, this will be communicated to all participating artists immediately, by 'phone and by email, and full refunds will be issued to the bank account used to pay the pitch fee within seven days of the market date.

  • What are the access arrangements on the day of a market?

    • The full address is: Blue House Yard, 5 River Park Road, Wood Green,  London N22 7TB

    • Arrival from 10am to 11am for set up

    • All traders must be set up by 11:30am

    • 11:45am - briefing from market organiser

    • 12pm market opens to the public

    • 5pm market closes and set-down commences

    • 6pm tables and gazebos to be removed

    • There are toilets and sinks available to traders throughout the day


Taxi Support for artists

The organiser has arranged for the family run Private Hire/Taxi business based at BHY to provide artists with discounts for use of their taxi service to bring artwork to and from BHY! This should be of interest to drivers as well as non-drivers, as parking in Wood Green can be difficult.

There is no parking at BHY, and vehicles are not allowed in the yard, so you will need to unload from River Park Road if you are travelling by car/taxi. Parking anywhere within BHY or on the surrounding roads will result in you getting a ticket, so please make sure you have arrangements in place to unload and then find nearby parking (The Mall has a large car park).

  • Will there be access to power at the market?

No. There will be no access to mains power, and traders are encouraged to bring their own battery operated lighting, if they feel it is necessary.

  • Rubbish and waste

Please ensure that you take away all rubbish and waste at the end of the day, leaving the yard as you found it.

  • Who is responsible for the market on the day?

As market organiser, Edward Quigley will be on site all day and will have overall responsibility for the market. All traders will be provided with Edward's mobile number in advance of markets, as well as the contact names and numbers for anyone that may be assisting Edward. ​

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