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Edward Quigley
Mixed media artist, photographer and curator


London born and since summer 2023, Lincolnshire living, Edward works from his home studio.

Edward is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and photographer that works across different media and styles. 
“I’m naturally drawn towards the control that comes with focusing on detail; working with ink and graphite and in black and white offers simplicity and cleanliness.

But as my practice develops, I'm increasingly finding I want to move towards the chaos of more abstract/expressive work that brings unpredictability and the challenge of working in uncontrolled conditions. Like all artists, I suppose, I am hoping that my work connects with some of those that view it."


When asked what Edward wants to convey through his work, “honesty” is the immediate response. “I want my work to reflect the questions I ask of myself and of others, or society in general.


As an artist, I'm part of a world I never thought I would be part of, and I still question myself on a daily basis as to whether it's a place where I belong. I think the day I feel settled is the day the creativity and desire will dry up, so I'll keep going until then."

Citizens Art CIC

In August 2020, Edward launched a series of art events at a community venue in north London - Blue House Yard, N22. These events comprised an art market with circa 12 artists showing and selling their original works.

These first five events were highly popular with artists and visitors - starved as we all were of being able to safely enjoy art, meet and engage with artists and be around others.

The dynamic of the events and their accessibility struck Edward: "I was not taken to art galleries as a child, but I was taken to lots and lots of jumble sales and markets. It occurred to me that enjoying art in a street market environment might make "art" more appealing to those that don't, for whatever reason, feel comfortable in traditional art settings."

As a result, Edward programmed 20+ events for 2021 and in 2022 opened his first gallery, curating his own and several group exhibitions.

More information on Edwards curatorial work can be found here.

Visit Citizens Art CIC for full information.

Public Art:


Mural installation at Alexandra Palace train station, north London, commissioned by Friends of Alexandra Palace Train Station community group, installed in summer 2021. 

Solo exhibitions:


  • 2019 Willow Foundation charity art exhibitions and auction at The Lamb public house, London. Nine pieces, all sold to private collectors. View catalogue here.

  • 2021 July to September: seeing in colour - The Lamb Public House, 54 Holloway Road, London N7 8JL

  • 2023 May: solo mixed-media exhibition at Citizens Art CIC Gallery, Blue House Yard, London N22 7TB

Group exhibitions:

  • 2019 October: #ViewsOfN22 exhibitions at Goodness Brewing Co. London, celebrating the people and places of Wood Green, N22

  • 2019 November: Candid Arts Winter Salon, London N1

  • 2021 August: Roy's Art Fair - Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House Street, London SE1 9PH

  • 2022 September: New Beginnings at Citizens Art CIC Gallery, Blue House Yard, London N22 7TB

  • 2022 October: Black and White Photography at Citizens Art CIC Gallery, Blue House Yard, London N22 7TB

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