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Bespoke illustrations for new homeowners...

As a new homeowner of my lovely home in Heckington, through Pygott & Crone, I found the welcome box that accompanied the keys to my new home a lovely touch, and very much a surprise.

As an artist, I had the idea that the addition of a small (A5) hand-drawn and one-off illustration could make the box even more special for new homeowners, who along with all the gifts and vouchers that make up the current box would also have a fine art illustration of their home (or a feature thereof).


I will supply Pygott & Crone with hand-drawn, one-off illustrations of properties sold, which can be included within the welcome box for new homeowners, giving them a premium and unique gift that celebrates their new home. Please see some example works below - however please note that the illustrations are best seen first-hand.

The artwork

Using select photography (agreed with Pygott & Crone staff) that forms the sales particulars, each illustration is created at my home studio in Heckington. Illustrations are hand-drawn using Caran d"Ache and Derwent artist pencils and fine-tip ink pens on high-quality A5 350gsm Khadi paper, and then sealed using a fixative to protect the works.


I start with a light pencil outline drawing, and then add the colour blocks and detail. You can see a timelapse of the process here and here.

Each illustration would be delivered to Pygott & Crone office in a protective envelope, with the property address, date and my signature on the reverse along with one of my cards (should the buyers want to get in touch about their artwork).

The fee

For one-off commissions of this type, I charge £75 to £100 per illustration but at volume this fee would reduce significantly. Jamie mentioned that you average 15 sales a month and on this basis I would charge £55 per illustration.

Potential for larger works

For premium properties/clients, I would be happy to supply larger commissions - A4 or up to A3, utilising the same high-quality materials and paper. Fees for these could be discussed further.

Contract arrangements

A simple contract between me as the artist and Pygott & Crone would formalise the arrangements and requirements of both parties. In short - I will need photography and instruction for each illustration to be sent to me in good time (five working days) so that I can complete each work for the date of completion, and then deliver to your office.

Merrifield House, Heckington
Illustration of a north London house bought by a friend of the artist and gifted in August 2023
Boston Road property for sale through Pygott & Crone
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